Past Projects

Since launching in 2023, Covered by Christ has served many families, and churches.  Through our local relationships  and resources we have saved or provided over $120,000 toward specific projects.

Getting a new roof can be challenging in many ways because most people don't understand what it takes, who to trust, and what it should really cost. We help with the entire process from start to finish, as well as assist with funding the project as necessary. It's not just roofs! We do the same for other construction projects  like kitchen renovations that may be required for the property.  

We love serving those who serve.


Earl and Becca Hill are both teachers, living with their two children. They were told by insurance that they must get a new roof, or they would be dropped. The cost of the project was over $30,000. We worked with our construction partners and were able to provide the roof at no cost to the Hills! When we let them know that the cost was "covered by Christ," Becca said, "I feel a burden lifted off our shoulders."

See Matthew 11:29-30

Church Servants

This family has faithfully served at the local church.  She with the children's program and he as a deacon.  They are a beloved family of the church and the community.  A cancer diagnosis set them back with medical bills and life began to pile up. Their faith in God persevered and Christ showed his love through the action of  a contractor and the people of the church.   

Winter Park

New Fellowship Church is a small church in Winter Park, FL that was in desperate need of a new roof. However, the expense was too great for the congregation. 

Covered by Christ found a contractor to do the job for less than cost and helped raise 85% of the price to get the job done. The congregation came together to raise the rest.

Charcoal Shingle

Family in Need

The Sioson family was living life as usual until it all changed. The father, Joel, had a major medical issues that almost took his life. Praise to God that he survived, but he had a long road to recovery. It would be a while before he could work again. 

Almost one year later, the family received an email from their insurance company stating they needed a new roof within 30 days or they would be dropped. This was an emotional and financial blow they were not expecting, especially after the year they had. 

Covered by Christ helped find a contractor to do the job at cost and got it done in less than 30 days. We also helped raise a portion of the funds the family needed.

Residential Re-roof with shingles

Nurse tech in need

A single mother of 3 kids found herself living in a car, then living in a motel and finally was able to get a small place of their own with the help of a relative.  When they moved in they discovered the kitchen pipes were leaking, the walls behind the counters were wet and the countertop caved in. The appliances were old and not functional.

Through one of our serving partners we were able to connect with the family and bring in the resources to do a full kitchen renovation.  We had a mold report completed, gutted the kitchen and with the help of some great partners provide a new cabinets, new countertop, sink, and all new appliances for the family.